ReclaCare is the soul care & counseling ministry of Reclamation Church. Our mission is to glorify God by reclaiming a culture of counsel and care for the body of Christ. Essentially, our goal is to help members of Reclamation Church “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” during a season when the soul needs extra care because of suffering or sin (2 Pet 3:18). In our approach, we seek to be Christ-centered, biblical, Spirit-led, and community-based.

Our vision is that every member of our church family would be equipped and encouraged to speak and live the truth in love (Eph 4:11-16). Biblical soul care or counseling is intentional and intensive discipleship that all believers are called to do at the level they are equipped. Therefore, we have a passion to see reclaimed lives changing lives throughout our church body and not just in one corner of the church. 


ReclaCare fulfills its mission, vision, and passion by helping provide four categories of care:


In Category 1, care is cultivated through spiritual friendships, community groups, and ministry teams. The church is equipped to live out one another commands in Scripture through the preaching of God’s Word, Equip Groups, Community Group Training, and other general discipleship ministries.

Support groups & mentoring

In Category 2, care is cultivated in counseling groups that provide a context for participants to invest a season of their lives in overcoming a life-dominating struggle of sin or suffering. These groups cover specific areas such as grief, trauma, addiction, depression, etc. The goal is for participants to gain freedom from their struggle and graduate back into the general discipleship ministries of the church with a clearer picture of how the gospel transforms the most difficult parts of our lives.


One-on-one appointments

In Category 3, care is cultivated in a more formal, one-on-one type setting with someone from the ReclaCare team and likely an advocate. We do not offer professional, clinical counseling. However, our educated and experienced team of pastors, community group leaders, and certified lay counselors take into consideration biological, psychological, and sociological insights as they provide care and counsel from a biblical framework and worldview.


In Category 4, care looks a little different as we may refer someone with a high/long-term crisis need that surpasses our level of experience, expertise, and or resources, to a professional counselor. We are not about “handing people off,” but rather adding a professional to the care plan to help fill the gaps. This enables us to better care for an individual in areas where we feel it would be unwise for us to try and provide care at the time.



We ask that everyone seeking care
and/or counseling through ReclaCare
be committed to Reclamation Church
as a member.


ReclaCare is meant to compliment
the love and care that is found in
community. Therefore, we ask that
you be a part of a Community Group
or be willing to join a Community Group
as the opportunity arises.


Sometimes it can be hard to know what resources are out there and what to trust, so here are some we recommend that address a specific issue or struggle you may be facing.



If you are a member of Reclamation Church and desire to connect with ReclaCare, you can do so by emailing reclacare@reclamationcm.org and explaining how you would like to see ReclaCare benefit you. One of our team members will respond with an online intake form for you to fill out. Once you have completed and submitted the form, one of our team members will review your form to see how ReclaCare might be a good fit for you and follow up within one week.